Air Conditioning Service in Saskatoon

Saskatoon’s hot summers don’t stand a chance against Innovative Heating and Cooling. Make the call for our specialist air conditioning team to repair, maintain, or install your cooling system.


Air Conditioning Repair

It’s a scalding hot night in the middle of a Saskatoon summer and your air conditioning unit just coughed out its last cool crystal. Our qualified refrigeration mechanics are there when you need us with our round-the- clock air conditioning service.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Regular maintenance costs significantly less than big, unexpected repairs. Keep your air conditioner running like it should and worry less about what could suddenly go wrong.

Air Conditioning Installation

A central air conditioner keeps you comfortable when temperatures are rising outdoors. Our refrigeration mechanics help you choose from a selection of air conditioners, or alternative systems that are right for you. We handle the entire process to optimize your system effectively.

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When is it time to replace your air conditioning?

Purchasing a quality air conditioner is never easy. We specialize in getting the right choice for you with options that include both central air conditioning systems and ductless systems for homes without ductwork. If you’d like to upgrade we also install custom ductwork for you.

Innovative Heating and Cooling answers your lingering air conditioning questions such as:

  • What size of air conditioner do I need for my home?
  • What energy efficiency rating will pay off in long-term savings?
  • How much is this air conditioner going to cost me?

We work hard to guide you towards a decision that makes sense with our Quality Service Promise. Become one of our happy Saskatoon air conditioning customers.

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