How to Solve Condensation Problems in Your Home

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Condensation occurs in your home for a variety of reasons. This can be troublesome, as the two major ways a home can begin to degrade is due to water damage from leakage or condensation. The reason water will condense in your home is when there is a drastic temperature difference between the inside and outside temperatures which raises the humidity indoors. This often causes condensation on the walls and ceiling, which can lead to mold and mildew, or even erosion of building materials.

One of the best ways to combat condensation, which can often occur in winter when outdoor temperatures drop and inside temps soar, is by adding ventilation to release some of the humidity that is created with these temperature changes. You can do this simply by opening doors or windows periodically throughout the day. Another place that often attracts condensation is on windows. It is important to wipe down windows that collect condensation daily to reduce the growth of mold or other damage.

To prevent damage to other parts of your home, avoid placing furniture too close to walls where condensation might occur. You can also invest in insulated wallpaper that will keep the warm air away from the condensation-causing cold outdoor air. Lowering the heat in your home will also prevent condensation from occurring.