What Are the Most Common Sources of Leaks in Your Home?

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No one wants leaky pipes in their home. Aside from running up your water bill and wasting money as well as water, you have to be concerned about water damage as well. Additionally, issues with water pressure can occur, and efficiency of your appliances like your washing machine and how well your toilet flushes are considerations as well.

If you suspect a leak in your home, here are some of the more common spots to check first:

  1. Faucet leaks old and worn out gaskets and washers are typically the cause of a leaky faucet. Fortunately, these are inexpensive and not too difficult to remedy. Never ignore a leaky faucet, as minor as it may seem, it can quickly escalate and cause more problems in your home.
  2. Showerhead leaks Often the problem here is an issue with the connection between the showerhead itself and the pipe stem. Sometimes all it takes is replacing the plumber’s tape or the washer. If it is a valve problem, it is time to call a plumber.
  3. Outdoor leaks If your garden hose is leaking at the connection to the spigot, you might just need to replace the washer or tighten the connection. If you have leakage from your in-ground irrigation or sprinkler system, it might be a job for a professional.

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