How to Keep Your House Warm in Winter

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It just makes sense to make little tweaks to your home to help it retain warmth when the weather turns cold. As our parents always said, you’re not trying to heat the outdoors, so letting warm air escape wastes money and energy. Here are some tips on how to keep your house warm this winter. […]

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Amazing Before & After Bathroom Remodels

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Who doesn’t love a good before and after? We do, especially when it comes to our specialty: kitchens and bathrooms. These kinds of photo arrays can really help clients see what a big difference a renovation can make and you don’t have to be stuck with an ugly or dysfunctional bathroom or kitchen just because […]

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Porcelain Tile vs. Ceramic Tile: Understanding the Differences

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A lot of people use the words “porcelain” and “ceramic” interchangeably, especially when speaking of building materials. But in fact, these two are a bit different. Generally speaking, porcelain is considered to be higher end and is more expensive as well. Historically porcelain comes from an old Italian manufacture of dishes and tiles that involves […]

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How to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

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If you think you can just flip on the furnace or light up the fireplace as soon as the temperature drops after months of not using them, you may be in for a surprise. After months of sitting idle, your heating systems may not be in the shape that you left them in last spring. […]

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What Are the Real Savings On Common Home Energy Hacks?

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The internet is full of advice on ways you can save money by tweaking your home energy use habits around the house. But how much can you actually save doing these little changes, and is it always worth it? Here we break down some of the most common pieces of money-saving advice so you can […]

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Types of Home Heating Systems

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There are many different kinds of home heating systems, and all have their pros and cons. Whether you are looking to buy a new home and want to know a little more about what kind of system would work best for your needs, you are thinking of building a new home and are researching different […]

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What to Know Before You Buy a Room Air Conditioner

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If your home currently does not have cooling capabilities, you might want to consider installing an air conditioner of some kind now before you need it in the summer. But some homes are better suited for central cooling systems and other with single room air conditioners. Here is a breakdown of different air conditioner types […]

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