You’ll Either Love or Hate This Unexpected Bathroom Tile Trend

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Can you believe a simple bathroom upgrade is dividing the interior design world so drastically?

Many home and interior trends, especially ones that are dramatic can cause some divisiveness in design circles, with some people absolutely loving them and some unable to even stand it. One such trend that is stirring things up is floor-to-ceiling bathroom tile.

While tile is no stranger to the bathroom, many homeowners and bathroom designers are opting to take this material to the max by installing it across the entire length of the bathroom walls, from floor to ceiling. Some designers are tiling the shower area from top to bottom to designate that area and set it apart from the rest of the bathroom. Others are taking it to the extreme by tiling the entire room, from top to bottom.

In some cases, this cohesive look is stylish and chic and certainly eliminates the decision making for paint colors and other details. But in other cases, it can make a smaller bathroom feel cramped and claustrophobic and adds additional grout to scrub and keep clean.

What do you think about this hot trend?

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