How an All-White Bathroom Might Just Change Your Life

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There’s something about an all-white bathroom that sort of just emits tranquility and relaxation. Perhaps it’s the spa-like feel the pale color palate emits or the sense that the room is clean as can be, but there is something extra-satisfying and soothing about a monochromatic white bathroom.

Don’t be fooled into thinking going all-white will be boring or give your bathroom zero personality. Sticking to a single color palate can actually spark a lot of creativity. When you’ve removed the element of color, it becomes all about materials and texture. Choosing floor tiles with a bit of shine or iridescence can be a special touch.

An all-white bathroom is a great way to feature classic white marble that might get lost in a more colorful room. Alternatively, choosing just one element to go darker with can really highlight the whiteness of the rest of the room. One option is the floor; another is the window frames.

You may also be surprised just how many shades of white there are. When you eliminate any other colors, even your all-white room can seem colorful with just the nuances of the different shades. All-white can also be the perfect backdrop to highlight pops of color via fresh-cut flowers or that single, statement art piece.