What’s the Difference Between a One-Piece and Two-Piece Toilet?

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When you’re thinking about installing or replacing a toilet, there are many choices available on the market. One of the biggest distinctions is a two-piece or one-piece style toilet. While this is mostly a style differentiation, there are some similarities with both types. Both styles are available with low-flow capabilities, and both styles can come in different heights and sizes, capacities, and colors.

There are also some differences between one-piece and two-piece toilets beyond the obvious difference in number of components.

There is typically a price difference. One-piece toilets tend to cost a bit more than the more traditional two-piece models.

For DIY’ers, a two-piece is usually easier to maneuver, as you’re dealing with two smaller components versus one larger (and heavier) one.

Perhaps one of the primary reasons people choose a one-piece style toilet is for cleanliness. Because there is no space between the tank and the bowl, they are easier to keep clean. No one wants to make their toilet cleaning any more cumbersome.

And in most cases, you can replace a two-piece with a one-piece without much trouble, as long as you stick to the same measurements as your original toilet.