If You Want Your Home to Sell for More, Consider Adding This to Your Kitchen

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When it comes to home improvement projects that can add dollars to your home’s resale value, not all upgrades are created equal. As kitchens are often the rooms that “Sell houses”  it goes without saying that this is a space where you’ll get a lot back by renovating. And specifically, in 2018, that means doing away with the sterile all-white kitchens that had been so popular for the last few years and replacing them with a bit of color.

While there’s no denying an all-white kitchen photographs fantastically, the practicality of such a design is questionable. Since they are so hard to keep clean and are impractical for everyday use, they actually can cause homes who have them to sell for less money. That’s not to say that some white isn’t still desirable. Light and bright kitchens remain in demand, and having some white elements looks classic and traditional, as well as modern and stylish.

A great way to update an all-white kitchen is by adding in pale or natural wood colored cabinets that are designed with clean, unfussy lines. Natural wood actually adds warmth to kitchen spaces, especially ones that are otherwise a bit cold and sterile with an all-white palette.