Types of Home Heating Systems

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There are many different kinds of home heating systems, and all have their pros and cons. Whether you are looking to buy a new home and want to know a little more about what kind of system would work best for your needs, you are thinking of building a new home and are researching different heating methods, or would just like to know a little more about the type of system in your home, here is a breakdown of the different types of heating systems.

1. Forced air heating system
This is the most common type of heating system, and often, the cooling system is built right in and shares the same ductwork. With this method, air is heated in the furnace and is distributed throughout the home using a system of ducts and registers.
Pros: This is the only heating system that can incorporate a cooling system; you can filter, humidify, or dehumidify the air before it is circulated; it is inexpensive
Cons: Requires ductwork that takes up space within the walls; air circulates allergens; furnace fans can be loud

2. Radiant heating
This system creates the most comfortable and natural heating environment for your home. Radiant heating is distributed through tubes of water in your flooring that are heated.
Pros: Even, comfortable heat; boiler-heated water is energy efficient
Cons: Elements are slow to heat up; initial installation can be expensive; piping is difficult to access for maintenance; no cooling capabilities

3. Steam radiant
These systems are rarely if ever installed in new homes today, though many older homes still use this method of heating. Heated steam and water travel through exposed pipes to radiate heat in each room.
Pros: Efficient and warms rooms quickly; older large radiators can be replaced with smaller, more attractive models
Cons: Large radiators can be unattractive; locations can limit furniture placement; there is no cooling system

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