Time to Upgrade Downstairs? What to Know Before You Finish Your Basement

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As home prices are increasing, the most financially feasible way to expand your living space may be to finish your basement. In fact, over the past two decades, finished basements have become the most common home renovation project undertaken. If moving isn’t an option, this can be a great way to make your current home work for you while increasing the value of your home.

Basement renovations are known as the “low-hanging fruit” of home upgrades, as the bones are usually all there. There’s a floor, a ceiling, walls, you’re essentially adding finishes to a pre-made box. This allows the project be more cost effective than an addition.

There are many options for what you can do with your basement space. Most common is creating a home office, rec room for kids, additional living space, or extra bedroom. Adding a bathroom is an option many homeowners like to choose as well. It’s important to check with your city’s building codes before planning a project like this, though these types of renovations are usually fine.

Where it can get tricky is adding a rental unit. Most people who consider this think it’ll be an easy source of income, but many zoning regulations either don’t allow it, or your unit will need to be fitted to a very specific code. It’s not impossible, but a little research in this area will be essential.

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