Think You’re Stuck with Your Brown, Green, or Pink Bathroom? Think Again

By Scott Faulkner In Projects No comments

If you’ve been “blessed” with a technicolor bathroom, you might feel like you’re stuck living in an avocado/powder blue/cotton candy pink existence unless a tornado hits . But as daunting as a complete bathroom overhaul may seem, it is doable and you can banish these once-trendy hues from your house for good.

A great palate cleanser is always white. White bathrooms can be customized and updated with colored accents depending on your mood or whim and will remain stylish throughout the years. While perhaps not as exciting as all-things-avocado was at the time your home was built, white is much more versatile and works for many different design styles.

White is also airy and fresh and even brings light to a room that may not have any natural lighting at all. White can make small spaces seem bigger and especially if you opt for white walls and white trim, you can avoid the closed-in effect you get from darker wood accents that were once so popular.

For some incredible design inspiration that might make you decide to get rid of that dated, monochrome bathroom once and for all, check out this before and after of an all-brown bathroom that was given a complete facelift.