Tank vs. Tankless Heaters: Why Tankless is Not Always the Best Choice

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Despite how essential a water heater is to your home, it tends to be one of the overlooked items when it comes to purchasing a new house. Having adequate capacity and heating ability really matters when you’ve run out of hot water mid-shower. And when it comes to replacing these appliances, there are a lot of options that can sometimes be confusing.

Your water heater’s efficiency can impact more than your daily shower. Your electric bill will reflect how well your heater is working, as well.

The appeal of the tankless water heater is obvious. It takes up much less room, as there is no large holding tank attached, and you can’t argue with the hot-water-on-demand efficiency. But despite these pros, the tankless model isn’t always the right choice for every residence.

Going tankless is a great option for people who already have gas lines in their home, or if many other homes in your area have tankless heaters, you’ll want to do the same to make sure your home is competitive when it comes time for sale.

Traditional holding tank water heaters are a better option for people whose homes don’t have gas lines available or have budget constraints that don’t allow for the larger up-front costs for the tankless model.

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