Stylish Renovations for the Smallest Bathrooms

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Not every home renovation has to be tear-down-the-walls intense. There are small-scale updates you can do, as well as making little changes that can have a big impact on a tiny space.

Powder rooms or apartment-sized bathrooms are one area that can sometimes leave you feeling as if there’s nothing that can be done.

They’re small, the configuration of the sink and toilet is probably the only one that will work, and plus it’s too hard to move around the plumbing. We’ve heard it all before. But room size shouldn’t matter when it comes to updating your bathroom, especially if a new configuration will make it more space-efficient.

At Innovative Heating and Cooling, we know these renovations can get stressful, even if we’re just talking about a room with 20 or so square feet. That’s why we are here to help. We offer more than just heating and cooling solutions. We have fully licensed plumbers on our staff and can help you design and configure the perfect small-space bathroom.

Your comfort should never wait.