Why Starting Your Home Reno in November Could Save You Lots of Money

By Scott Faulkner In Construction No comments

While most people think of springtime as the season to begin your home renovations, for many Canadians, November might actually be a better bet. This can be true for a number of different reasons. While not every time of renovation can be done in the colder months when the ground may be frozen, for smaller interior upgrades it doesn’t matter if there is snow outside or not.

Here are four compelling reasons to start your home upgrade or renovation in November.

1. You may get better pricing from contractors
When job volume drops, as it often does in November or around the holidays, contractors may be more willing to negotiate their rates.

2. Major appliances are on sale
Many manufacturers or retailers of bigger appliances often discount their products in November and December to get rid of last year’s models to make space for the new ones.

3. Better chance of sticking to your timeline
While timelines are a bit fluid when it comes to home renovations, if you begin in November, you have a better chance of hitting those goals. Most people want to get things done in order to take time off for the holidays, so many contractors will work harder to hit this deadline.

4. Energy savings
If you’re making energy-saving upgrades like replacing windows, adding insulation, or upgrading your HVAC to a more energy-efficient model, doing so in the winter will maximize the savings during the most expensive energy bill months.