Small Kitchens That Maximize Both Style and Efficiency

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Home renovations aren’t only for people with multiple-thousands of square feet at their disposal. In fact, maximizing smaller spaces for efficiency is a smart move for people living in less spacious abodes. And even though many design magazines and websites feature sprawling kitchens with sky-high ceilings, there are plenty of incredible things you can do with minimal space.

One way to maximize storage space is to go up. There’s no reason not to have shelving or cabinetry that goes all the way to the ceiling. Even if you can’t reach it from the ground, putting infrequently used items up high will free up space you can access more readily for other items you use more often. Plus, you could always install one of those awesome library ladders you’ve always wanted.

Another great idea is to add tiny cabinets or cubbies in the space above your over-sink window. This is often left open, but shelving or other storage here can be a great use of space. Another often-used tool for small kitchens is the pot rack. When cabinet space is at a premium, large, clunky pots need a new home. Hanging one of these racks over your island or against a wall frees up cabinets for other kitchen items.

There’s no question, white makes things look bigger and brighter. When dealing with small spaces, it’s usually a better idea to keep things light. Painting cabinets white, choosing white tiles or adding metallic finishes lightens and brightens smaller spaces. Decorating with mirrors also adds the illusion of more space.

Consider an electric cooktop for space saving, too. You can install a wall-mounted oven elsewhere, freeing up valuable space beneath the stovetop for cabinetry.