Is Setting the Thermostat a Constant Battle in Your Home? If So, Read This

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If you find the temperature on your thermostat changed from where you set it last every time you check it, you’re not alone. Many couples, housemates, and families find that they prefer the heat set to a different comfort level than the people they live with. But there’s a solution to this constant thermostat battle.

The answer is zoning. Zoned systems allow different temperatures to be set in different rooms., which is pretty genius and can lead to many fewer fights over what temperature the thermostat should be set. You can use zoned systems for both heating and cooling, and even better, the zoning option is a energy and money saver, too. By only heating or cooling the rooms and areas you are using, you can be more energy and cost efficient than by having to heat or cool the entire house for just one area.

Using smaller, ductless units in some areas can be significantly more efficient, saving upwards of 30 percent on your energy bills!