Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist, Spring Edition

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Spring is finally here, and with this change of seasons comes a new list of home maintenance tasks that will keep your house in ship-shape and prevent bigger issues from surprising you. You might even be able to prolong major repairs or replacements of home components, too.

Here is a handy checklist of household tasks you should make sure to tackle ASAP this spring.

Install fresh batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Test and dust all detectors

Rearrange your furniture to rotate rugs and adjust traffic patterns and wear on your carpet or flooring

Inspect bathroom and kitchen caulk; recaulk as needed

Vacuum refrigerator coils

Schedule air conditioning inspection

Check fire extinguishers

Clean kitchen exhaust hood and filter

Clean and seal deck (if needed)

Inspect exterior paint and touch up as needed

Inspect siding and masonry for damage

Remove storm windows and install screens

Repair or replace damaged window screens

Inspect roof for damage

Inspect attic for leaks

Inspect outdoor play equipment

Clean gutters

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