Plumbing and Water Heaters in Saskatoon

Our plumbers in Saskatoon fix much more than leaky pipes. Make the call for our plumbers to repair, maintain, or install your plumbing and heating system. Round-the- clock service gets your water flowing exactly when you need it to.


Plumbing and Water Heater Repair

Plumbing is something most people don’t think about until: a) you get caught in a cold shower, b) your kitchen sink springs a leak, or c) your pipes burst in your basement. Our reliable Saskatoon plumbers are there when you need us with on-call plumbing and heating service.

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Plumbing and Water Heater Maintenance

Regular maintenance keeps your pipes and water heater working more efficiently and lasting longer. Book your service today because unexpected breakdowns are the last thing you need to worry about tomorrow.

Plumbing and Water Heater Installation

Your home runs on plumbing and heating systems that are seamlessly interconnected. Our journeyman plumbers ensure your new installation is up to code while incorporating it with your older features. We stay up-to- date on the best practices for installing boilers, water heaters, sanitary systems, pumps, water softeners, gas systems and more.

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When is it time to replace your plumbing?

Plumbing emergencies are some of the most catastrophic because warning signs are often invisible to the naked eye. Here are some signs of plumbing failure you can see:

  • Outdated types of pipes like lead and polybutylene in your home inspection report.
  • Discoloured and/or foul smelling water.
  • Leaks in your pipes, or signs of corrosion like flaking and stains.

How often should you replace your water heater?

Your water heater may need to be upgraded after about 10 years. You’ll know when it’s time to replace yours when it starts leaking, or operating erratically. Take a proactive approach and install a new water heater to save energy costs.

Our Quality Service Promise ensures you’re happy with our Saskatoon plumbing and heating.

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