What Are the Real Savings On Common Home Energy Hacks?

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The internet is full of advice on ways you can save money by tweaking your home energy use habits around the house. But how much can you actually save doing these little changes, and is it always worth it?

Here we break down some of the most common pieces of money-saving advice so you can decide for yourself if the potential inconvenience is worth the savings.

1. Washing your clothes in cold water

This is an interesting one, as not only will washing on the cold setting save you money by saving the electricity used to heat the water, but you’ll be saving money on your clothing budget as well. Washing laundry in cold water extends the life of your clothes! Who knew?!
The estimated savings: 60 dollars per year

2. Replacing light bulbs

By replacing your traditional incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving LED models has been on the list of DIY home energy conservation hacks for years. But despite the long-touted savings stats, only half of homeowners actually do this!
The estimated savings: 180 dollars per year

3. Actually shutting your computer off when you walk away

How many of us take the time to shut down our computers and laptops each night when we are done? Not many we imagine. But idle computers are a pretty big energy drain. This a good habit to pick up.
The estimated savings: 75 dollars per year

4. Unplugging your printer

We are definitely guilty of this one. Keeping your printer on standby day and night is a pretty big energy drain. And just think of all the other electronic devices you keep plugged in and only occasionally use!
The estimated savings: 131 dollars per year

5. Sealing and insulating windows

It doesn’t matter how energy efficient your home heating and air conditioning system is, if your windows leak hot or cold air, you’re literally losing money right out the windows.
The estimated savings: 200 dollars per year