Modern Luxury Style Bathrooms For Your Weekly Design Inspiration

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Whatever your design aesthetic, upgrading your bathroom can be a daunting task. There are so many choices, even if you’ve already narrowed it down to a certain style. Even within each style, there are trendier and more classic looks, so it can be a smart choice to really do your research and make sure you choose fixtures and elements that you’ll be happy with years to come.

Here are some modern luxury style elements to look for that will give your bathroom that polished, classy look.

The modern luxury style is one that can lead masculine or feminine while still remaining sleek and chic. A classic combination that tends to run a little more masculine is dark or black tiles with sharp gold accents. Exposed plumbing gives it a masculine edge as well. Instead of under sink cabinets, leave the shiny chrome piping exposed. While mixing metals is definitely in style now, it is also a timeless look that has been used for decades.

For a slightly more feminine touch that truly exudes luxury, go for an all-white space. This look mimics a soothing, spa experience. High ceilings, all white fixtures, large white tiles and multi-tiered lighting all create a zen-like blissful retreat right in your home.

Nothing is more luxurious than marble. While a classic design material, opting for black marble as opposed to the classic white and grey can add some luxury to your bathroom. Using marble elements in accent tiles is a less expensive way to add pops of opulence to your design.

While black and white are always classic, luxurious, and chic, opting for a neutral, natural palate is very chic and feels incredibly modern today. Mimicking a holistic spa feel, wood and travertine accents add texture to an otherwise slick bathroom. Choosing a free-standing tub with a rounded, organic shape will create that day-at-the-spa feel every day.

If you can fit it, adding in an upholstered piece of furniture is the ultimate luxury look. Even if it’s just a place to set your clothes or towels, nothing says luxury like a velvet bench. If you can’t spare the space or a bathroom armchair just isn’t your thing, consider adding a softer touch by including a small throw rug instead of a bathmat.