Kitchen Shelving & Appliance Hacks That Will Save You Money

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When it comes to gorgeous kitchens, many have a single design detail in common. Open shelving. This lovely construction decision can allow your own items to be used as decor and can be a wonderful way to display cherished items. Here are some ideas on how to pull off the open shelving look in your own home kitchen.

While many homes, especially ones featured in design magazines and online have gotten rid of their upper cabinets in lieu of open shelving entirely, you don’t have to dive in head first. Many chic and stylish and functional kitchens opt for nixing only a few of the upper cabinets in favor of open shelves, allowing homeowners to showcase some of their items but not forcing everything to be on display.

Adding shelves with a “live edge” or unfinished element can give your kitchen a sweet, rustic look. Think reclaimed wood or wood where the bark is still on the edges. Mixing it up with a combo of open shelving and a hanging rack can give the same feel but have a slightly more utilitarian edge to it.

Consider open shelving in an awkward corner or previously unused wall to maximize your storage and find a use for your small extra space. You can also make use of an unused wall and create floor-to-ceiling shelving to create an open pantry of sorts.

When it comes to possible kitchen upgrades, the upper end of how much you could spend is truly endless. Most households have some kind of budget, however, and anyplace you can save money without having to cut corners or sacrifice what you want is a good idea.

One highly sought-after kitchen amenity is the huge, 60-inch range with double ovens built by high-end appliance companies like Wolf and Thermador. These are pretty much the Cadillacs of stoves for home cooks, but when they ring up at nearly $18,000 a pop, these appliances are unrealistic for many homeowners. But savvy budgeters and creative designers have come up with a genius solution for a fraction of the cost.

Instead of dropping big bucks on a huge range with double ovens, smart kitchen renovations are instead putting two identical 30-inch ranges side by side for the same effect. Frigidaire makes a professional range for under $2700 bringing two in at under $5400. Side by side, the look is practically identical to the single unit, giving you both the double ovens, and the huge cooktop space. Pretty genius.