How to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

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If you think you can just flip on the furnace or light up the fireplace as soon as the temperature drops after months of not using them, you may be in for a surprise. After months of sitting idle, your heating systems may not be in the shape that you left them in last spring.

Here are a few tips on how to make sure your home stays cozy and warm this season, especially in the chilly Saskatchewan winter!

1. Get your furnace inspected before you really need it.
A malfunctioning furnace is not the kind of surprise you want to discover on the morning of the first snowfall. Schedule an annual appointment for professional maintenance and you won’t need to worry that it will suddenly stop working mid-winter.

2. Replace your air filters.
Whether you’ve left the same old filter in your HVAC system from last year, or you can’t even remember changing it (yikes!) in order for your heating system to function properly and give you the best and most efficient heat, you need to have a clean air filter. These are usually pretty inexpensive and should be changed every six months or more often if you have pets.

3. Seal up those drafts and insulate leaky spaces.
No matter how efficiently your furnace is running, if you have drafty windows and uninsulated areas where hot air can escape, it will, and you’ll be losing heat, energy, and spending way more on your energy bill than you need to. Make sure any weather stripping or seals are maintained and replace or caulk areas that need it. Consider a home energy audit as well. These are professionals who will come out and inspect your home for places you may be able to save energy.

4. Don’t fire up your fireplace without a cleaning.
Burning a fire in a sooty chimney is a serious hazard. Have your chimney cleaned annually and you’ll be so happy come winter when you can cozy up in front of the warm hearth.

5. Consider a smart thermostatÂ
These devices can heat or cool a room by detecting your presence and can learn your habits and predict the temperature you’d like. They can also be controlled via the app, so you can really minimize energy use.