How to Keep Your House Warm in Winter

By Scott Faulkner In Furnace, Projects No comments

It just makes sense to make little tweaks to your home to help it retain warmth when the weather turns cold. As our parents always said, you’re not trying to heat the outdoors, so letting warm air escape wastes money and energy.

Here are some tips on how to keep your house warm this winter.

1. Seal the skirting boards Filling in gaps here can prevent warm air from leaking out.

2. Fill in the gaps in your floorboards While the spaces in original flooring look great, they can really let cold air in!

3. Insulate around your doors This is a no-brainer, as your door seal makes a big difference.

4. Draft-proof attic crawlspace hatches If you rarely use your crawlspace, this tip might be a good one to check on.

5. Seal around your windows Windows are a major place warm air leaks out.

6. Use curtains made of heavyweight material Curtains lined with thermal material will help to keep out the cold and keep in the warmth.

7. Make sure you’re not losing warm air through your mail slot If you don’t have a double flap or a brush inside your mail slot, consider installing one here.

8. Cover your keyholes They make covers that drop a metal disc over the keyhole preventing any warm air from escaping here.

9. Consider installing a chimney balloon Fireplaces can be incredibly drafty, so adding a balloon to your chimney can eliminate these leaks.

10. Get your brickwork repointed to fill in any gaps Spaces in external walls can mean drafts and breezes inside your home.

11. Make sure your carpet underlay is intact More than just adding comfort, carpet underlay can increase your home’s insulation and decrease your energy bill by 15 percent.