Why Installing Black Cabinets in a Luxury Kitchen Will Make You Want To Cook All Day.

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When it comes to kitchen trends, you’ve probably had your fill of the spotless, sterile all-white kitchens. While they are pretty to look at, anyone who ever actually uses their kitchen is likely rolling their eyes at the prospect of maintaining such a fussy look. One way to break up the unlived-in feel of an all-white kitchen is with paint color on the cabinetry. Our pick? High contrast black.

Black cabinets don’t have to try too hard to fit into a modern-style kitchen. The black and white motif is modern enough already, and the high-contrast appeal can’t be denied. Homeowners who fear black cabinets will close in your space or make it feel smaller will be surprised to learn that with white accents elsewhere, your space will actually feel bigger.

Black cabinets can also have a rustic, country appeal, especially when paired with old world-style tile and bold hardware. Black cabinets fit in wonderfully in a kitchen dominated by industrial design elements. The hard edges of this design style work wonderfully with the dark, light absorbing shades of matte black.

When it comes to investing in your home, adding high end, luxury elements to your kitchen and bathroom are wonderful ways to add value and make your space more usable and enjoyable. If the primary reason you don’t spend more time at home cooking or using your kitchen is that it is not functional or efficient, then it only makes sense to upgrade to get more use out of your space.

Even small upgrades can add to a luxury feel and make your kitchen more usable. One small design element that adds instant appeal, as well as incredible function, is adding in a pot filler. With a bit of simple plumbing, you can have the convenience of never having to lug a heavy pot of water across your kitchen again, which can make a huge difference if you cook a lot of pasta, soups, and other water-heavy dishes.

Using tile to create texture in your kitchen can make it a more inviting place, which will lead to spending more time there. Opting for interesting tiles, even adding a floor-to-ceiling tile wall can give a luxury feel. Forgoing traditional tile flooring for hardwood can also give that high-end feeling.