In the Heat of Summer, Think Winter

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We know you haven’t thought about your furnace in months. But when that first chilly night comes, you’ll wish you had.

To make sure all systems are working properly, it’s important to have your furnace cleaned and serviced annually. And what better time than in the summer, when you won’t be inconvenienced if a problem is discovered. Scheduling regular maintenance over the summer is a good idea when it comes to ensuring you stay toasty warm all winter.

Regular maintenance is key for more than just avoiding breakdown and failure over the winter. Your home’s heating system is typically the largest consumer of energy in your house, and even minor adjustments can cause it to run less efficiently, using more energy than necessary, costing you more money.

And more serious is the chance of fire or potential mold or pollen build-up that could come from an unmaintained or un-cleaned heating and ventilation system. Toxic allergens can settle in unused ventilation systems and ductwork, which can easily spread throughout your whole household. And anytime you have a heat source that has been left unattended for months at a time, you can have a potential fire hazard without inspection.