How to Create a Welcoming Kitchen

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For most homes, we want our kitchen to be a place that is welcoming, where people will want to spend time, and is open and inviting. For better or worse, we often congregate in the kitchen, so making it a place where people will feel comfortable and homey are common goals designers often hear from their clients.

Here are a few tips on how to create this welcoming ambiance in your home kitchen.

1. Consider light
Make your space as open, bright, and inviting as possible by using as much natural lighting as you can. Nothing can truly replicate the mutability of natural light, which makes kitchens with plenty of windows a truly special place.

2. If natural light isn’t available, lighten your color palate
Many people fear white or light colored kitchens, viewing them as too pristine or sterile to do any “real cooking.” But a light-colored kitchen feels more open and spacious and with the right materials is actually easier to keep clean as you’ll want to sweep away errant crumbs and avoid letting clutter build up on countertops.

3. Budget space for ample seating
Whether you’re a family of two or need place settings for twelve, making sure there is plenty of space for guests or your family to sit and eat, or even do homework at the kitchen table or island is essential for creating a welcoming space. Choose expandable furniture if you don’t have space to keep a large dining table open all the time.