Check Out This Finnish Kitchen Staple You’ll Wish You Had at Home

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We love Scandinavian Kitchen   design for so many reasons. Between the chic and stylish minimalist design, to the everything-has-a-purpose mentality, there’s little not to like.

But we just learned about something the Finns call “Astiankuivauskaappi” and we think everyone will want to have this feature in their kitchen!

If you are not really that into hand-drying dishes but want your hand-washed items to dry out of sight, consider one of these cool Finnish dish drying cabinets. These are essentially dish drying racks that sit over the sink and have closable cabinet doors to mimic the rest of your cabinetry, but allow you to dry your items in a tidy way, keeping them out of sight.

The bottom of the cabinet is open, allowing water to drip down into the sink below. These cabinets double as a drying rack, but also permanent storage for the dishes. This design allows you to touch your dishes once, which is especially great if you don’t have a dishwasher and so have to hand-wash everything anyway.

These are a great idea if you have cabinetry over your sink already, but won’t really work if your sink is under a window. You could always put the drying rack cabinet elsewhere if you are really keen on having one.