The Must-Have Features For Millennial Home Buyers

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Millennials make up the largest percentage of first-time homebuyers today and are 35 percent of the whole housing market. And knowing what this group of people is looking for in a home is essential for anyone trying to sell their home, builders, and contractors. While Millennials are often grouped together as a demographic with special […]

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The One Feature Everyone Wants in Their Bathroom

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The options to customize your bathroom are endless. Even an image search of the phrase “bathroom” will turn up infinite combinations of style, sizes, features, and fixtures. But despite differences in taste and design elements, there is one unifying feature everyone wants to have in their bathroom. It’s so sought after, the National Association of […]

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Why You Should Build an Outdoor Shower

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Of all the home improvements you can make, there’s nothing quite like the rustic hedonism of an outdoor shower. And because these are typically pretty bare-bones, the costs can be quite affordable. Once seen only in ultra-luxe beach houses, the outdoor shower is actually a super handy addition if you have kids, pets, or a […]

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