Why You Should Build an Outdoor Shower

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Of all the home improvements you can make, there’s nothing quite like the rustic hedonism of an outdoor shower. And because these are typically pretty bare-bones, the costs can be quite affordable.

Once seen only in ultra-luxe beach houses, the outdoor shower is actually a super handy addition if you have kids, pets, or a messy hobby like gardening, mountain biking, or climbing. Though there’s no denying the pleasure of showering under the open sky.

There are four major things you need to consider if you are thinking about installing an outdoor shower.

As with all things real estate related, location is key. You’ll want to scope out a spot that is convenient for use, like near a back door or other accessible area where you can rinse off before heading indoors. Consider the plumbing needs, too. You’ll want to keep your outdoor shower near existing plumbing for the most cost-effective installation unless you are planning on just hooking it up to the garden hose. Keeping the shower in a sunny location will not only increase the pleasure you’ll have while showering (trust us on this one) but will also aid in preventing mold growth and rotting wood by letting the sun dry it out after use.

Privacy should also be a consideration. The perfect balance between modesty and nature is ideal. Even keeping a folding screen on hand can make people feel more comfortable using an outdoor shower.

Plumbing considerations should also be thought about. If you are primarily using the shower to rinse off sand and dirt and used only in summertime, the cheapest and easiest installation method is using your garden hose. You’ll have cold water only, but for summertime rinses or cleaning off yard equipment, this is a fine solution. Innovative Heating and Cooling can install a hot water hook up next to your cold one if hot water is an option you’d like. Additionally, a fully plumbed outdoor shower is possible as well, though is the priciest option.

Drainage should be a consideration as well. There are multiple options when it comes to drainage, many of them with water-reuse potential.