7 Ideas to Make an Old-School Tiled Bathroom Look New and Fresh

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Many older homes and apartment buildings come with bathrooms covered in 4-inch by 4-inch tiles that add to the outdated look of your powder room or master bath. While this look was pretty standard, it’s not typically seen in newer bathroom styles. This is a look that can be difficult to decorate around, and depending on what color you’ve been blessed with, can even be quite an eyesore.

While completely ripping out all that old tiling can be an expensive, time consuming, and potentially huge renovation, there are some workarounds you can do to make your restroom more appealing. One option that works well for brightly colored tile, is to paint the rest of the room white and accessorize with stark white towels and accessories. Even consider replacing just the sink with a bright white pedestal, basin, or vanity can add a chic look and make the overwhelming factor of your tile-filled room seem fresh again.

Another option can be to go with what you’ve got. This works well in classically tiles black and white bathrooms. Instead of fighting with the stark contrast, embrace it by decorating in all black and white. This can add brightness to your bathroom, highlight the vintage charm, and make the black and white motif seem purposeful.

A chic and modern update to vintage white tile is to paint the untiled portion of the walls a darker color like black or gray. This adds a contemporary flair to your vintage style, and can act as a nice backdrop to your otherwise industrial or dingy bathroom. Also, consider hanging art in your bathroom to make the space seem less sterile. Adding more luxurious elements can also spruce up a tiled wall, and can help unsightly tilefade into the background.