7 Essential Improvements For Your Next Bathroom Remodel

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Renovating an existing bathroom in your home can add significant value, not to mention convenience and comfort to your lifestyle.

If you are considering a bathroom renovation or remodel, here are 7 improvements to think about when choosing what to upgrade:

1. A low-flow, hidden tank toilet If space is an issue, a hidden-tank toilet can make a big difference. Especially in tight spaces like powder rooms or hallway bathrooms, those extra inches really add up. The low-flow feature, too, adds to the value by conserving water and saving money.

2. Choose small, textured tile for the shower floor Textured tile provides an added safety bonus in addition to looking good. The additional grout with smaller tiles act as a built-in non-slip surface, and the texture adds to that as well.

3. Go for 2-inch plumbing This is an upgrade you won’t see, but will improve your bathroom’s functionality in a major way. Especially in a larger household, the extra half-inch from the standard 1.5 inch piping will decrease the number of clogs to your plumbing immeasurably.

4. The tub, maybe So many people assume a full bathroom must contain a tub, but if you aren’t going to use it, there’s no reason to install one. A tub takes up a lot of room, and in many cases, a shower is much more functional.

5. A window in the shower So many great bathrooms are ruined with inadequate ventilation. A fan is great, but nothing beats fresh air for quick removal of moisture that can lead to mildew or mold.

6. A recessed medicine cabinet Seems like a minor detail, but the extra space and sleeker design is well worth the minimal added cost of installation.

7. Better lighting Make lighting a conscious decision, not just an afterthought. Poorly-lit bathrooms are the worst. If this is the space you’ll be doing all your personal grooming, it’s a good idea to be able to see what you’re doing.